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Special Dandan noodles

Hakata Chinchin
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We have started recruiting franchises because we want as many customers as possible to get to know the taste of Hakata Chinchin. Inheriting the spirit of "Iron Chef" Kenichi Chen, we have created the ultimate taste after more than ten years of training.Anyone can easily reproduce itWe will package and teach you how to do it.

Learn about the Hakata Chinchin franchise



​Introducing the charm of Hakata Chinchin franchise

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High Attractiveness
​High repeat rate

Kenichi Chen's name valueNo need to attract customers.Gain repeat customers with healthy, flavorful soups that you won't get tired of.

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​Small number of people

​Part-time jobCan be operated by one staff memberSimple operation. The owner concentrates on management. Recruiting is easy.

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Small Investment
Simple Operation

Able to operate in small-scale properties. Therefore, you could start a business for around 10 million yen. 

Income model

Possible for small-scale stores and simple operation. Labor costs and rent are significantly reduced, maintain operating profit margin at 20%. If all goes well, the initial investment can be recovered within a year to a year and a half.

​ *The income and expenditure model is based on the results of a 13 tsubo store. It may differ depending on various factors and location conditions. Furthermore, it does not guarantee future income and expenditures.

3.8 million yen

1.33 million yen

880,000 yen

330,000 yen

50,000 yen

400,000 yen

810,000 yen (21%)



Personnel Costs

​Rental fee (25,000 yen/square meter)

​License Fee (fixed)

Other Utilities and System Fees

Operating Income

1 million yen

0 Yen

​Fixed monthly fee of 50,000 yen

500,000 yen

for 5 years

250,000 yen

Noodles, sauce, and chili oil are sold from the headquarters.

​​ Membership deposit 1 million yen (refundable)

Membership fee


License fee

Design Cost

Contract Period

Training Fee (1 person/2-4 weeks)

Headquarters designated ingredients

*All amounts are tax excluded.

Conditions of Enrollment

There are no royalties linked to sales. We will provide carefully selected noodles, sauces, and chili oil from our HQ so that even those with no restaurant experience can easily reproduce the taste, and we have established a system that allows us to operate without any fluctuation in quality.

Opening Flow


​ Membership consultation

​Please feel free to ask any questions via chat and we will explain the details during an online interview.


Store inspection

We will ask you to visit our model store, see the actual situation, and create a concrete image.


Affiliation Agreement

​If you agree to the terms and conditions, we will conclude the membership agreement and move on to payment of membership fees, etc.


​Property selection

​After consulting with our development staff, we will analyze the commercial area and narrow down the properties.


Preparation for opening

You will proceed with the design and interior construction work and receive training from the headquarters.



We will open as soon as we are ready. Let's liven up Hakata Chinchin together!

Membership Consultation

Please feel free to contact us!

Thank you

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